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Tatami Fightwear Ltd.

Portable Rollout Exercise Mat - Black


The Tatami Rollout Mat allows you to create your very own space to safely and efficiently sharpen your Jiu Jitsu game.

The rollout mat offers you the opportunity to create your very own safe and easy to set up training space to add to your current regime. With the uncertainty around the accessibility of gyms and academies across the world - this home rollout mat can keep you training and sharp, all you need is a willing partner!

The rollup mat is easy to install and fast to remove. Made from cross-linked polyethylene foam, the mat is well padded and comfortable. The mats are washable, impermeable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic - ensuring the durability of the mat and the utmost safety to you. With an all black style and exclusive Tatami branding, the mats offer a stylish look that fits in just about anywhere you want to set up.

If you purchase 2 or more mats we will supply you with black connector tape which allows you to seamlessly install your mats correctly.

Key design details:

- Dimensions: 90cm W x 180cm L x 3cm Thickness

- Litchi Pattern

Mats Are Only Available in The UK. Please note the shipping cost of mats is dependant on order quantity and is calculated on checkout. We do not offer free returns on this product. These are NOT available for next day delivery.