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BJJ Gi Care Guide

Washing your BJJ GI

You should always wash your GI on a cold wash or 30 degrees. Washing it on higher temperatures can cause the GI to shrink excessively.

You should always wash your GI inside out this helps the GI keep its colour.


Don’t ever put your BJJ GI in a tumble dryer! This can cause high levels of shrinkage, melt certain patches and cause the GI to lose shape.

You should always allow your GI to dry naturally on a coat hanger or clothes dryer.   


Most BJJ GIs come pre shrunk but because they are made from cotton if you wash or dry them on a high heat you will still get some shrinkage with some GIs shrinking more than others. If the GI fits you fine when you first try it on then always wash on a cold or 30 degree wash and you should have minimal shrinkage.