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Dear Atama Fan,

It is with great pride that we launch our commemorative and limited edition: The Atama 30 Years Anniversary BJJ Kimono.

In 1989 our journey began and the first Atama models were born, at that time, they were still made with raw fabric*.

This kimono is a rescue of our roots and the history of Jiu Jitsu, but with the evolution and technical innovation that these years have brought. More quality, comfort, durability and refinement in details.

Revisiting the past has never been more current.

Thank you for your trust and for being part of our history!

The 30 Years Anniversary BJJ Kimono is made of Raw* Single Weave fabric that has been a best seller for many years.

Known for its durability in the toughest sessions, this BJJ Kimono is made from 100% cotton Raw Single Weave fabric*, lightweight and very, very resistant.

Comes with embroidered Atama 30 years logo on both sleeves and right leg. 

The jacket has no seam on the back to provide more comfort when doing guard with the back on the mat.

The lapel is filled with super light anti-bacterial rubber inside , making the kimono lighter, stronger and allowing it to dry faster.

The pants are made from cotton and reinforced on the knee area to provide extra protection and durability.

Comes with a cool cotton bag.

*Raw fabric - no dying or bleaching process were made to the fabric, the result is an "ivory" natural color.