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Tatami Fightwear Ltd.

South Coast Jiu Jitsu Spats


Ladies South Coast Jiu Jitsu Spats


The Tatami Fightwear SS19 No-Gi range is now available. A unique and innovative set of collections for you to hit the mat with.


With various new designs for rash guards, tanks, shorts and spats, we can reinvent your look and add style to your substance on your grappling journey.


The South Coast Jiu Jitsu collection offers a total no-gi set for ladies with a striking design sure to catch the eye on the mat.


The collection includes a set of Spats which design is perfect for Spring-Summer. With a faded purple-pink wavy colour scheme that encapsulates the dawning of the coming months. The logo and font have been carefully designed to match the overall feel of the Spats.


With a high waistband, the spats are elasticated to ensure comfort and freedom of movement.