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Atama Mundial BJJ GI Black


Atama Mundial BJJ GI Black

Atama Description

Welcome to the next generation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kimonos! Made from a Pearl weave fabric 100% cotton. The jackets are made of one single piece of fabric without any sewing on the back to make it more comfortable. The pants and collar are made of an exclusive military RIP-STOP fabric that is lighter and stronger than the average cotton fabric. Comes with the Atama logo embroidered on both shoulders and pants.

Grapplestore Description

The Atama Mundial is one of the best BJJ GI’s available today. It ticks all of the main boxes:  it’s durable, lightweight, comfortable and it looks awesome!

It has a tailored feel to the cut so it fits very well. No excess material on the arms, body or legs for your opponent to grip.

GI Top – The GI top is made from a lightweight and durable pearl weave.  It’s light in weight and It Feels very supple so it’s comfortable when being worn.

The pearl weave used makes it very durable and it will have minimal shrinkage when being washed due to the tightness of the weave.

The lapel has a core of EVA foam and is covered in ripstop. The foam core helps the collar to keep its shape and also helps it dry quicker because the EVA core doesn’t hold any water after being washed. The lapel is very stiff making it hard for anyone to get a decent grip.

GI Trousers – Wow these are light! The trousers are made from ripstop cotton and are VERY light weight. The ripstop used for the trousers is of the highest quality its not the waxy type of ripstop that some of the other brands use. The knee area down to the ankle is reinforced for durability.

Branding GI top – Atama logo embroidered on both shoulders, very small Atama patch on the back of the neck/lapel, Atama branded tape inside the wrists of the jacket and on the skirt.

Branding Trousers – Embroidered Atama logo on the shin, Atama woven patch on the top of the thigh and branded Atama tape on the inside of the trouser leg.

Good for – Tournaments and everyday training. The Atama Mundial 9 is fully tournament legal. The durable pearl weave used makes it suitable for the rigours of everyday training and its light weight so is suited for hot summer days and Tournaments. 

Atama Mundial BJJ GI Black Size Chart 

Not sure which size you need? we'd be happy to help, email us on or contact us via our contact page.

  A1 5'3"- 5'8" 1.60 - 1.72 110 - 140 50 - 64  
  A2 5'7"- 6'0" 1.70 - 1.83 141 - 176 63 - 80  
  A3 5'10"- 6'3" 1.78 - 1.91 176 - 209 80 - 95  
  A4 6'2"- 6'5" 1.87 - 1.95 200 - 250 90 - 113