I still remember the very first Gi I purchased for training, my instructor told me I could begin training without a Gi but would need to invest in a GI as soon as possible. Nearly a fortnight had passed and I could no longer take the niggling pressure of being the ‘only one’ in class without a Gi and bought the cheapest awful brand I could get my hands on fast. Needless to say after the 1stwash it resembled a cardboard cut out, completely stiff and lifeless.

I knew I needed to Invest in something decent, I knew very little about BJJ at the time and took a gamble on a better looking Gi which happened to be a navy Keiko Raca Limited Series.

It was a great Gi, not only did it look nicer than the previous Gi but it lasted me for many more years, perhaps 4 or 5 years until I decided to hand it down to another team mate who still uses it to this day! Keiko makes great quality Gis!

Keiko has been making Gis in Brazil since 1988, we are proud to be the official UK reseller. The Keiko Limited Series Gi still holds a special place in my heart.

You can see our Keiko gis here