Koral MKM Pro Competition Series BJJ GI



Koral have just released the brand new version of their flagship GI the MKM. The Koral MKM Pro Competition GI to give it its full name is by far Korals best GI to date. With all of the new brands popping up over the last year or 2 the older version of the MKM was starting to look a bit dated. The new design brings it right up to date.

Differences between the old and new MKM GIs

The first difference you will notice between the old and new versions is that the new version has contrast stitching. This really makes the GI stand out and gives it the up to date look the GI needed.

The Gi jacket is still made from a pearl weave but it’s a bit lighter than the old version. It’s not quite a lightweight GI but it is noticeably lighter than before and it’s this that makes it more comfortable to train in. The cut of the GI hasn’t changed so like the older version you can expect that great fitting tapered feel.

The trousers are made from the same great canvass cotton that the older versions were made from and they also feature the reinforced knee to shin area for added durability. In my opinion the trousers on the MKM are the best trousers on any GI so there wasn’t much that needed changing on them. The main difference is the new branding/patches and the contrast waist tie, trouser vents and waist tie loops. The waist tie loops and trouser vents also feature Koral branding.

All of the patches have been updated throughout the GI and like the contrast stitching they really make the GI standout.


As mentioned above the cut/fit of the GI hasn’t changed. It has a tournament cut so as you would expect the GI fits nice and close to your body and has tapered sleeves and trousers making it harder for an opponent to get a decent grip of.


The MKM has been pre shrunk and because it’s made from a pearl weave it will hardly shrink after being washed. It should fit you well straight out of the bag and also after being washed.


As a general rule of thumb the following will size 99% of people. Some people will fall between 2 sizes so it can sometimes get a bit confusing when choosing your size. If you need any help with sizing email us at and we will help you find the right size.

A1: 64kg-70kg and 5ft 4” – 5ft 9”

A2: 71kg-84kg and 5ft 8” – 6ft 0”

A3: 85kg-95kg and 6ft 1”- 6ft 3”

A4: 96kg-115kg and 6ft 2” – 6 ft 4”


The Koral MKM was already one of the best made GIs and now that they have updated the styling and branding it is also one of the best looking. Like all Koral GIs the MKM is built to last. If you want a high quality GI that will last a lifetime and also looks great then look no further than the MKM Competition Pro.

You can see all of the different MKMs below:

Koral MKM Pro Competition Series BJJ GI Black

Koral MKM Pro Competition Series BJJ GI Navy

Koral MKM Pro Competition Series BJJ GI Blue

Koral MKM Pro Competition Series BJJ GI White

More pictures

Close up of the trouser waist loops and tie

Lower lapel and contrast branded side vents

Back patch

Contrast stitched lapel and chest patch

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